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30 December 2010 @ 04:04 pm
TRON: Legacy is the greatest techno album of the decade. Along with it's masterfully produced music video, it is the single greatest dance experience I have ever known.

In all seriousness though, TRON slams through the young male computer nerd demographic harder than Flynn's white lightcycle.

Q: Why is his light cycle so special anyway? And why exactly can the bad guy repurpose programs, but not Kevin Flynn?

A: It doesn't matter! Those questions are all related to the concept of a coherent story, and TRON: Legacy doesn't need that. It needs powerful male fantasies of rescuing weak women, beating up people who are bad, and not giving a shit after your dad dies. Seriously, did you see the end? HIS DAD DIES WHEN THEY ARE LEAVING TO THE REAL WORLD AND SAM DOESN'T EVEN CARE. What is wrong with this kid? He has to abandon his dying dad and does not so much as make a sad remark.

The writers fill pages with weak one liners. You are thrown onto the edge of sensation, and as you prepare to fall into what would have become a fantastic memory of an even greater film, you feel thrown back into nonchalance with the uninspiring dialogue and weak prose.
12 June 2010 @ 07:24 pm
Fade to green
Emerald sea devouring black
but the eyes she had seen
were not reflecting back
different colors, never blue
in the ocean's mirror,
her lovers stare
from her eyes
in the oceans glare,
she finally said good bye.
11 June 2010 @ 05:23 pm
Gifts of years for the girl in the window;
given through the roses heat:
something warmer for her widow,
by ashy glass clouds until they meet.
Rubbing through the rain,
whispers in the storm,
a kiss comes to the windowpane,
a daughter's body torn.
11 June 2010 @ 04:51 am
She watches the gifts edge rowing
through roses bridged by river,
like flowers of a woman growing
the vacant flame won't shiver,
but frozen in a fathers love,
Obsession In The Mist:
silent rainbows wait above
to kill the man she kissed

So, I just went in the bedroom to wake Steph up to tell her I love her, and I tell her I wrote her a poem. Here is the conversation:

Me: I love you Steph! I wrote you a poem!
Steph: There aren't any images on this.
Me: What?
Steph: There's supposed to be images on this.
Me: There's supposed to be images on what?
Steph: This slice of pizza.
*I then attempt to wake her up more and say a bunch of stuff, finally asking her questions to test her awakeness*
Me: Who do you love?
Steph: You.
Me: Say the name of the person you love
Steph: You.
*it doesn't work though*

She is so adorable it is almost painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 February 2010 @ 10:53 pm

woke up, find papers scattered about, am I sleeping still? There is ramen on me and red hat is running; grammar and syntax, /bin/bash/ says NO DIRECTORY, I fa


Why do I have ramen on me? My bash script still won't work and I don't know why. I might ask 420chan for help but /prog/ is down anyway, oh well. Maybe I could do a bit of python. I need to find a local group, or a tulsa group might be more appropriate, whichever, I want to learn more. Walking around in a maze of C and Unix...Windows is open, I don't remember turning my other computer on but whatever. She's sending the money and cookies soon, I really can't wait. I suppose noone but me is reading this? I am drowning in Cisco.


I think I'm asleep again, or maybe outside, on the grass, but why am I coding? Am I dreaming in code? I see the stars, and I see them being coded in...C++? No way, it's Java, why Java? and the grass is all in BASIC and simple and green and tiny. My mind is converting it all to assembler, then, and to binary, and from binary it's converting it back to thought, ThoughtPython, when did my subconscious learn assembler?


Am I alive? I am on the computer, meebo or AIMing away, hacking away doing some javascript injection or something stupid like that. Caught in a maze Caught in a maze Caught in a maze

help me


She called me, apparently she's mine again? I heard her, I think I heard her...

print "Max are you there? It's", + love

valentines = raw_input("please don't leave for her")

while raw_input = "I love you, dont worry:
   print "hel.........


When she talks to me, all I hear is code

more code and more code
and more

I love you CGirlfriend.

Crack the algorithm of my S

Approximately two days later:

Figured it out! looking at normal people, I feel sorry for them. And the C programmers feel sorry for me perhaps! haha
she is calling, or im calling. I am not sure, I have to go. See you when the stars come up!
13 February 2010 @ 08:08 pm
bur y me in y our winte r, cry leaves like bitter aut umn and chill my fever with your snowy ************ leaves, wrapp   ing around me,   suffoca ting me with their veins
tim             e ha s chang   ed us, I can  't bla   me  summer, ch       asing and  chasing. Fant ies of living  well an d losing focus in leafy snowfla      ke

waa   i ti    iii  i i ii n g

f         o       r                                y                    o

u  r

l       e                              t t er                      s

on my


cause they still equal n

111 111 111
7      7    7

read me and write me and X 







write exucute
chmod 777 /etc/group/mice





 falling down -1/2x + (-3)       im half an equation Fa lling down an equal sign falling     down greater than love me lo     ---- ve me love me give me a y so I can make a line, I want to go somewhere far away and

int main()


forever and forever on a perfect plane through forever

 I want to ride a g   raph tonight
la la la down the slide, perfec tly straight on and on, no reality, no object, just me and the graph and me and the line and x and y and me
 Our sister in the chapel of time, waiting and wanting


waiting and wading and wanting and sliding down her graph                   hail mary, mother of our christ, mother of a fathers child
line of my eyes,   flowin g down the equals sign
cros es and crosses and a cru cifi x on the graph, two up one over, then down forever
IN-CRE-DI-BLE     babe I see you there dont G - o down the line

cause it will eat you right up and

PSET (1, 3) - (5, 8):INPUT a$

PSET my retina

dream in code:hack humanity

and y = and = x +b m + =  AND AND it all equals = y it all

is on

the graph

but but dont worry cause

y still equals m times x plus b



Ill see  you on the other side of the plane
13 February 2010 @ 02:03 am
The snow writes a name on my doorpost at night, sometimes in the desert's wind, I see it in the desert snow, I see it in her desert wind. 

Is it ravaged yet? The in-objectivity of her motion, the sound of art, painting music on my walls, burning my skin with your strawberry goodbyes,


pt my mathem



Skipping in a screen, staring back at me, lost in lines of C and C and Ada and C++ , lost in lines of electrons, lost somewhere in the hardware. Once she stared back at me, singing pictures, drawing sounds, somewhere she stared back.

But then she blinked ourselves away. And now she is lost in a labrynth

Daedalus is building her a labyrinth in my screen, somewhere beneath C:\thoughtfactory\stare_at_me and /root/etc/princeinashell and my kiss, is her labrinth and he's

building it

in my screen

And the stars

and the labrinth

and the stare goes on and nobody blinks but

the stars are in my labrinth! I've seen them there, dead corpses of former light

exploding into space like fibers of my need

my need is

my need is stealing me

from me

my labrinth is stealing m-

I saw her in there, staring at her, her ignoring me, me ignoring me, staring back at someone

in a screen in the stars in my screen I saw her labrinth

She won't be in hell for this. If she stares back, she already is. If she stares back, we all are.

I am your 0 and your 0 and your 1 and your 0 and love me

because I saw you staring back at me

and I love me

and I love


I love it

a n d  i t  w o n ' t  e n d  n o w but I wish it would

the loving and the living and the staring and the war between boredom and a grave

cause we don't know which is fun


Once upon a stare, I saw her staring back. Blue and black and violet and perfect.
Whoever you are, my lady in the screen, my lake in the stars

Drowning me in a     galactic     tsunami                             in your nebula

def yoursolaris(foreverandalmost):
    n = 99999 ** 99999 ** 999999 * 99999
    while foreverandalmost < n:
        print "when will you come back?"


Once I saw a girl in my screen, staring back from the code, from the codes of codes of C and C and C and code, I saw her in the black edges of my moniter, I saw her there, I did!

what is your name?
11 February 2010 @ 02:58 pm
21 March 2009 @ 03:16 pm
1 This was never the way I planned
2 Does the Space cold make your nipples go pointy Bowie?
3 Hey Louisiana woman
4 My love for you is like a truck berzerker
5 Goodbye leggie blond
6 friends do things together
7 I think I'm in love with a girl and its serious
8 are you going
9 hey there Bret
10 Fleemarket, Montgomery
11 they call me the Hiphopopotamus
12 love is your weapon of choice
13 The ladies go crazy for my sugar lumps
14 some people say that we're not rappers
15 I started programming
16 rejected
17 its a cold night
18 why cant the world
19 demon woman
20 the humans are dead
01 August 2008 @ 06:02 am
I swear to God this will work.