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14 February 2008 @ 09:55 pm
sassypants678: No, you don't. I win.
sassypants678: I can speak...Klingon.
Maxwell Hansen: DaH  mojaq-mey-vam  DI-vuS-nIS-be'          
sassypants678: =(
Maxwell Hansen: klingon letters wont go through so that is spelt out
sassypants678: Well I don't think you have any honor either sir.
Maxwell Hansen: elly
sassypants678: "I believe that we do not need to limit these suffixes now"
sassypants678: Well I agree.
Maxwell Hansen: emo functions as a noun and an adjective
Maxwell Hansen: face it
sassypants678: Oh I agree.
sassypants678: But it's still not a verb.
sassypants678: You can't emo something.
Maxwell Hansen: I know
Maxwell Hansen: I never said that
Maxwell Hansen: you said it couldnt function as an adjective
sassypants678: I know, I'm just saying.
sassypants678: Well at the time it couldn't
Maxwell Hansen: becuase it couldnt end in er to be more than something
Maxwell Hansen: like gree=greener
sassypants678: But now our language has evolved sufficiently to include emo as an adjective and noun
Maxwell Hansen: but what about words like psychotic
Maxwell Hansen: OMG
Maxwell Hansen: it hadnt then?
sassypants678: No.
sassypants678: Did you ever call someone the "most emoest person" back then?
sassypants678: But you hear people saying it now.
Maxwell Hansen: You still dont
sassypants678: That's called the evolution of language.
sassypants678: Oh that's not true sir, I've heard it.
sassypants678: Soon it'll spread even to Mexico
sassypants678: =p
Maxwell Hansen: something does not need to be able to end in -er or -est to be an adjective
Maxwell Hansen: it doesnt matter if it couldnt do that then
sassypants678: Actually it does have to be able to end in -er and -est to be an adjective.
sassypants678: Think about it.
sassypants678: Blue is an adjective.
sassypants678: That shirt is bluer tha mine.
Maxwell Hansen: psychotic is an adjective
sassypants678: That shirt is the bluest shirt I've ever seen.
Maxwell Hansen: negative
sassypants678: Yes but it needs an inflex.
sassypants678: So "most psychotic"
sassypants678: "most emo"
Maxwell Hansen: most emo
Maxwell Hansen: exactly
Maxwell Hansen: so it worked then too
Maxwell Hansen: just with most and more
Maxwell Hansen: not er and est
sassypants678: Well maybe, but people didn't use it then.
Maxwell Hansen: that is irrelevent
sassypants678: I'm telling you, language evolves Max.
Maxwell Hansen: ok
Maxwell Hansen: but still
sassypants678: And now it has evolved to the point of being able to use emo as an adjective.
Maxwell Hansen: it worked as an adjective then
Maxwell Hansen: It evolved to be an -er -est adjective
Maxwell Hansen: Do you get my point?
sassypants678: Yes.
sassypants678: And I see your point and have to admit you are right.
sassypants678: Now.
Maxwell Hansen: YES
Maxwell Hansen: YESYESYES
sassypants678: You must post on the blog about this discovery.
Maxwell Hansen: ok
Maxwell Hansen: hold on
19 January 2008 @ 10:24 am