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30 December 2010 @ 04:04 pm
TRON mini-review  
TRON: Legacy is the greatest techno album of the decade. Along with it's masterfully produced music video, it is the single greatest dance experience I have ever known.

In all seriousness though, TRON slams through the young male computer nerd demographic harder than Flynn's white lightcycle.

Q: Why is his light cycle so special anyway? And why exactly can the bad guy repurpose programs, but not Kevin Flynn?

A: It doesn't matter! Those questions are all related to the concept of a coherent story, and TRON: Legacy doesn't need that. It needs powerful male fantasies of rescuing weak women, beating up people who are bad, and not giving a shit after your dad dies. Seriously, did you see the end? HIS DAD DIES WHEN THEY ARE LEAVING TO THE REAL WORLD AND SAM DOESN'T EVEN CARE. What is wrong with this kid? He has to abandon his dying dad and does not so much as make a sad remark.

The writers fill pages with weak one liners. You are thrown onto the edge of sensation, and as you prepare to fall into what would have become a fantastic memory of an even greater film, you feel thrown back into nonchalance with the uninspiring dialogue and weak prose.
Вместо телевизораps1kodel1k on January 20th, 2012 05:31 am (UTC)
Поздравляю с очередным днем рождения! Желаю, чтобы все было, и ничего за это не было