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13 February 2010 @ 02:03 am
Farewell, Pacifica  
The snow writes a name on my doorpost at night, sometimes in the desert's wind, I see it in the desert snow, I see it in her desert wind. 

Is it ravaged yet? The in-objectivity of her motion, the sound of art, painting music on my walls, burning my skin with your strawberry goodbyes,


pt my mathem



Skipping in a screen, staring back at me, lost in lines of C and C and Ada and C++ , lost in lines of electrons, lost somewhere in the hardware. Once she stared back at me, singing pictures, drawing sounds, somewhere she stared back.

But then she blinked ourselves away. And now she is lost in a labrynth

Daedalus is building her a labyrinth in my screen, somewhere beneath C:\thoughtfactory\stare_at_me and /root/etc/princeinashell and my kiss, is her labrinth and he's

building it

in my screen

And the stars

and the labrinth

and the stare goes on and nobody blinks but

the stars are in my labrinth! I've seen them there, dead corpses of former light

exploding into space like fibers of my need

my need is

my need is stealing me

from me

my labrinth is stealing m-

I saw her in there, staring at her, her ignoring me, me ignoring me, staring back at someone

in a screen in the stars in my screen I saw her labrinth

She won't be in hell for this. If she stares back, she already is. If she stares back, we all are.

I am your 0 and your 0 and your 1 and your 0 and love me

because I saw you staring back at me

and I love me

and I love


I love it

a n d  i t  w o n ' t  e n d  n o w but I wish it would

the loving and the living and the staring and the war between boredom and a grave

cause we don't know which is fun


Once upon a stare, I saw her staring back. Blue and black and violet and perfect.
Whoever you are, my lady in the screen, my lake in the stars

Drowning me in a     galactic     tsunami                             in your nebula

def yoursolaris(foreverandalmost):
    n = 99999 ** 99999 ** 999999 * 99999
    while foreverandalmost < n:
        print "when will you come back?"


Once I saw a girl in my screen, staring back from the code, from the codes of codes of C and C and C and code, I saw her in the black edges of my moniter, I saw her there, I did!

what is your name?
korinacaffeine on February 15th, 2010 09:54 am (UTC)
I'm so flattered that I inspired this. This is really something on par with House of Leaves, and has a distinctly surrealist-Nabokov diction.

In short(er): ♥!